At Wimbledon, Novak Djokovic Aims to Dominate on the Grass

Novak Djokovic

At Wimbledon, Novak Djokovic Aims to Dominate on the Grass

If Djokovic can secure his fifth consecutive title at the All England Club, he will be three-quarters of the way towards achieving a Grand Slam. Novak Djokovic efficiently wiped the court with a towel during a rain delay in his first-round match against Pedro Cachin. He ultimately triumphed in straight sets.

During a rain delay at Wimbledon on Monday, Novak Djokovic, bent over with a towel in hand, delighted the Centre Court crowd by mopping some moisture from the grass. This act seemed fitting for someone who has been consistently overpowering his opponents over the past five years at this tournament.

Djokovic has remained unbeaten at Wimbledon since 2017, and with a victory over Pedro Cachin of Argentina in their first-round encounter on Monday, he extended his record in the last five Wimbledon tournaments to 29-0. Having won the previous four men’s singles titles, clinching one more this year would position him to surpass even more players in the record books.

Fifth consecutive title

If Djokovic manages to claim a fifth consecutive title at the All England Club, he would have secured the first three major trophies of 2023, significantly enhancing his chances of winning the first men’s Grand Slam (all four majors in the same year) since Rod Laver achieved it in 1969. Only two other men, Laver (in 1962 and 1969) and Don Budge (in 1938), have accomplished this feat. Three women, namely Maureen Connolly in 1953, Margaret Court in 1970, and Steffi Graf in 1988, have achieved the same milestone.

Djokovic would also tie Roger Federer for the most Wimbledon men’s singles titles (eight) and equal Bjorn Borg’s record for the most consecutive titles (five). Moreover, he would match Court’s record of 24 major titles, becoming the only player to achieve this entirely in the Open era. (Court won 13 majors before 1968, during a period when professionals were not permitted to compete in the majors.)

The overwhelming favorite for the title

On Monday, Djokovic, the No. 2 seed but the overwhelming favorite for the title, stepped onto Centre Court, savoring a moment that only a fortunate few have experienced. “It’s a feeling unlike any other tournament in the world, walking out onto the Centre Court of Wimbledon as a defending champion, on the pristine grass,” he remarked. “It’s amazing, truly amazing to be back at this dream tournament and to have the first match behind me.”

Wimbledon was the first tennis tournament Djokovic watched on television while growing up in Serbia, and it has held a special allure for him ever since. While this sentiment resonates with thousands of players, few have relished it as much as Djokovic, who consumes blades of grass immediately after securing his titles (unlike when he wins on the red clay of Roland Garros).

Emerging victorious on grass, particularly in an era with so few tournaments on the surface and such a short season, presents a significant challenge. Djokovic seldom participates in warm-up tournaments nowadays. Grass possesses many tactical nuances that distinguish it from clay and hardcourts, even with the current bouncier and faster Wimbledon surface compared to the past.

For Djokovic, who is known for his sliding movements across hardcourts and clay as he reaches for wide shots and approaches the net, the grass at Wimbledon does not permit the same level of horizontal maneuverability. However, Djokovic has become exceptionally proficient at quickly adjusting from clay to grass. “I had to learn how to move, how to walk, how to play, how to anticipate the bounces, and so on,” he acknowledged. However, the grass became excessively slippery for a brief period on Monday after a light rain fell towards the end of the first set in Djokovic’s 6-3, 6-3, 7-6 (4) victory over Cachin. It proved to be Djokovic’s most challenging obstacle of the day.

The match was temporarily halted, the court covered with a tarp, and the roof closed. Normally, the courts dry off in less than half an hour. Surprisingly, on Monday, the moisture persisted, and both tournament officials and players returned to a still slippery court. Overall, the delay lasted almost 90 minutes, a longer duration than expected for a court with a roof. Nevertheless, Djokovic endeared himself to the disappointed spectators by playfully employing his towel, joking with them, as if he could single-handedly rectify the situation. Considering his success on that patch of grass—having not lost on Centre Court since 2013—some might have expected him to do so.

Speculation arose as to whether Djokovic’s good-natured demeanor indicated that, with his men’s singles record 23rd major title already secured, he was now in a more relaxed and jovial mood.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say that it’s an entirely unique feeling for me just because I’ve won my 23rd Slam,” he remarked. “I’ve always tried to have fun in particular circumstances where, I suppose, you can’t control things. I’ve experienced some amusing rain delays in Paris as well as New York, where I’ve joked around.”

He acknowledged feeling physically and emotionally drained after winning the French Open in June. Consequently, he and his wife, Jelena, traveled to Portugal’s Azores Islands for hiking and relaxation. They even had to extend their stay by an additional day due to fog grounding their original return flight. “It was fantastic because I went through a range of emotions during the clay season, particularly reaching the pinnacle in Paris, and I needed to get away, to isolate myself a little,” he explained.

One player Djokovic will not have to contend with this year is Nick Kyrgios, his opponent in last year’s Wimbledon final. Kyrgios, who has been recovering from knee surgery in January, withdrew from the tournament on the eve of the first day after a scan revealed a torn ligament in his wrist. “People tend to forget how physically demanding and strenuous this sport is,” Kyrgios remarked on Sunday, before announcing his wrist injury. “I challenge someone to go out there and play four hours against Novak and see how they feel afterwards.” Since Djokovic’s current streak began in 2018, all his opponents have been brushed aside.”

Novak Djokovic


Novak Djokovic, often referred to as “Nole,” is a Serbian professional tennis player widely regarded as one of the greatest tennis players of all time. Known for his exceptional skills, mental fortitude, and relentless work ethic, Djokovic has consistently dominated the tennis world and established himself as a formidable force on the court.

Early Life and Tennis Beginnings

Born on May 22, 1987, in Belgrade, Serbia, Djokovic showed early signs of his talent and passion for tennis. Growing up in a sports-oriented family, he started playing tennis at the age of four, guided by his parents, who worked hard to support his aspirations. Djokovic’s dedication to the sport became evident as he honed his skills and participated in junior competitions.

Rise to Stardom

Djokovic’s breakthrough came in the mid-2000s when he started making his mark on the professional tennis circuit. With a series of impressive victories, he quickly rose through the ranks and entered the top ten of the ATP rankings. In 2008, he won his first Grand Slam title at the Australian Open, signaling his arrival as a major contender.

Grand Slam Success

Djokovic’s success in Grand Slam tournaments is unparalleled. As of now, he has clinched a remarkable number of 20 Grand Slam titles, placing him alongside tennis legends Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. His dominance in the sport has been particularly notable in recent years, with Djokovic achieving the feat of holding all four major titles simultaneously in 2015-2016.

Achievements and Records

Djokovic’s list of achievements goes beyond his Grand Slam triumphs. He has won numerous ATP Masters 1000 titles, showcasing his versatility and adaptability across different court surfaces. Additionally, he has held the year-end world No. 1 ranking on multiple occasions, solidifying his status as a true tennis great.

Djokovic’s Playing Style

One of the key factors behind Djokovic’s success is his unique playing style. He possesses incredible agility, speed, and flexibility on the court, allowing him to retrieve seemingly impossible shots. Djokovic’s defensive skills are second to none, frustrating opponents and forcing them to hit extra shots to win a point. His exceptional return of serve is often considered his most potent weapon.

Mental and Physical Strength

Apart from his physical prowess, Djokovic is renowned for his mental toughness. He has demonstrated an unparalleled ability to stay focused and composed in high-pressure situations, often turning the tide of matches in his favor. Djokovic’s dedication to fitness and nutrition has also played a vital role in his enduring success, allowing him to maintain a high level of performance throughout his career.

Off-Court Ventures

Beyond the tennis court, Djokovic has ventured into various business and philanthropic endeavors. He is the founder of the Novak Djokovic Foundation, which aims to provide underprivileged children with better educational opportunities. Djokovic has also explored opportunities in the hospitality industry, opening restaurants and investing in real estate projects.

Philanthropy and Humanitarian Efforts

Djokovic’s philanthropic efforts extend beyond his foundation. He has consistently shown support for charitable causes and has been actively involved in relief efforts, particularly during times of crisis. Djokovic’s contributions to society have earned him widespread admiration and respect both within and outside the tennis community.

Djokovic’s Impact on Tennis

Djokovic’s impact on the sport of tennis cannot be overstated. His rivalry with Federer and Nadal has captivated fans worldwide, and the trio’s dominance has led to an era often referred to as the “Big Three.” Djokovic’s exceptional achievements and relentless pursuit of greatness have inspired a new generation of players and elevated the standards of the game.

Challenges and Setbacks

Like any athlete, Djokovic has faced his fair share of challenges and setbacks. Injuries and health issues have temporarily disrupted his career, but his resilience and determination have always enabled him to bounce back stronger. Djokovic’s ability to overcome adversity and maintain his competitive spirit is a testament to his unwavering dedication.

Personal Life and Family

Off the court, Djokovic is a devoted family man. He is married to Jelena Djokovic, and the couple has two children together. Djokovic often speaks about the importance of family in his life and credits their unwavering support for his success. Despite his global fame, he remains grounded and appreciative of the opportunities he has been given.


Novak Djokovic’s impact on the world of tennis is immeasurable. His exceptional skills, mental fortitude, and relentless pursuit of greatness have elevated him to the ranks of the all-time tennis greats. With a record number of Grand Slam titles and numerous other achievements, Djokovic’s legacy will continue to inspire and influence the sport for generations to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Novak Djokovic’s records?

Novak Djokovic has several impressive records in tennis. He has been ranked world No. 1 for a total of 389 weeks, which is the highest in history. He has achieved this ranking in 12 different years, another record. Djokovic has also finished as the year-end No. 1 a record seven times. In terms of Grand Slam titles, he holds the all-time record with 23 men’s singles titles. Out of these, he has won the Australian Open a record ten times. In total, Djokovic has won 94 singles titles, including a record 67 Big Titles, which consist of his 23 majors, 38 Masters titles, and six year-end championships. He is the only player in tennis history to have completed a non-calendar year Grand Slam in singles, winning all four majors consecutively across three different surfaces. Djokovic has also achieved a triple Career Grand Slam by winning each of the four majors at least three times. Additionally, he is the only player to have completed the career Golden Masters in singles, winning all nine ATP Masters tournaments, a feat he has accomplished twice.

Is Djokovic more successful than Federer?

In terms of Grand Slam titles, Djokovic currently has 23 titles, while Roger Federer has 20. Djokovic holds the all-time record for hardcourt Grand Slam titles with 13, two more than Federer. However, Federer has the all-time Wimbledon record with 8 titles, one more than Djokovic.

Who is better, Nadal or Djokovic?

Djokovic has a slight edge in head-to-head matchups against Rafael Nadal, with 30 wins compared to Nadal’s 29 wins. Djokovic has also won more finals (15) than Nadal. However, when it comes to Grand Slam meetings between the two players, Nadal has the upper hand with 11 victories and 7 losses.

Who has defeated Djokovic the most?

Rafael Nadal has beaten Novak Djokovic in 7 Masters and 5 Grand Slam finals, making him the player who has defeated Djokovic the most in these important matches.

Has Djokovic won all Grand Slams in one year?

Yes, Djokovic is the only player in tennis history to have won all four Grand Slam titles in a single year. He has also achieved the rare feat of winning all four Grand Slams, all nine ATP Masters tournaments, and the Year-end Championships in his career, which he has accomplished twice. Many sports analysts, tennis players, and media pundits consider Djokovic the greatest tennis player of all time.

Who has won all four Grand Slam titles twice?

In men’s singles, Don Budge achieved this feat in 1938, and Rod Laver is the only player to have done it twice, in 1962 and 1969.

Is Djokovic the most successful tennis player?

Djokovic is regarded by many as one of the most successful tennis players of all time. His achievements, including his records in rankings, Grand Slam titles, and other major tournaments, as well as his unique feats like winning all four majors in a year and completing the career Golden Masters, contribute to this perception. However, the assessment of the “most successful” player is subjective and can vary depending on individual opinions.

What is Djokovic’s net worth?

Novak Djokovic has an estimated net worth of £188 million ($240 million), according to Celebrity Net Worth. This places him ahead of Rafael Nadal, who is estimated to have a net worth of £172 million ($220 million), but he still trails Roger Federer, who has a net worth of £431 million ($550 million).

What is Djokovic’s diet?

Novak Djokovic follows a diet based on vegetables, beans, white meat, fish, fruit, nuts, seeds, chickpeas, lentils, and healthy oils. He emphasizes eating mindfully without distractions, and he often says a prayer before each meal to express gratitude for the food. Djokovic also prefers to buy organic food when it is available.

What is Novak Djokovic’s age?

Novak Djokovic is currently 36 years old.

What is Novak Djokovic’s height?

Novak Djokovic stands at a height of 6 feet 2 inches (187 cm).


What is Novak Djokovic’s current ranking in tennis?

As of the latest rankings, Novak Djokovic is currently ranked as the world No. 2 in men’s singles tennis.

How many Grand Slam titles has Djokovic won?

Djokovic has won a total of 20 Grand Slam titles, as of the time of writing.

What is Djokovic’s most successful Grand Slam tournament?

Djokovic has enjoyed great success at the Australian Open, winning the tournament a record-breaking nine times.

What is Novak Djokovic’s age?

Novak Djokovic is currently 36 years old.

What is Novak Djokovic’s height?

Novak Djokovic stands at a height of 6 feet 2 inches (187 cm).

What are Djokovic’s major rivalries in tennis?

Djokovic’s biggest rivalries are with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, often referred to as the “Big Three” of men’s tennis.

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