1. A tornado is a destructive weather phenomenon with a rotating column of air.

2. Tornadoes form from severe      thunderstorms, often in Tornado Alley.

3. Intensity is measured by the EF scale, categorizing tornadoes from weak to violent

4. Tornadoes can exceed 300 mph,      making them immensely powerful.

5. Lifespan ranges from minutes to hours, but some can cause widespread damage.

6. Tornadoes have funnel-shaped clouds caused by rapid rotation.

7. Sizes vary, from narrow to several hundred yards in diameter.

8. Destructive winds uproot trees, demolish buildings, and turn debris into projectiles.

9. Tornadoes occur throughout the year, with higher frequency in spring and early summer.

10. While most common in the US tornadoes can happen globally, requiring preparedness.