Arcangelo Triumphs at Belmont Stakes 2023

Witness history as Jena Antonucci becomes first female trainer to clinch victory at prestigious Belmont Stakes.

Arcangelo, guided by Jena Antonucci's expert training, emerges triumphant at the renowned Belmont Stakes.

Arcangelo's win not only showcases exceptional talent but also signifies progress towards gender equality in horse racing.

Antonucci's remarkable achievement highlights the growing presence of women in the horse racing industry.

Witness the culmination of dedication and expertise as Jena Antonucci paves the way for aspiring female trainers with her Belmont Stakes win.

Arcangelo's triumph under Jena Antonucci's guidance embodies the spirit of perseverance and excellence in horse racing.

Jena Antonucci's ground breaking victory at the Belmont Stakes serves as an inspiration for women pursuing their dreams in the world of horse racing.